Sunday, 28 April 2013

Google Analytics Report

This report is feedback on the information that Google analytics provide about my blog. Such as how many of the people visiting my blog are new or returning, the web browser they use, what language they speak and where they come from.

It was shown from blogger and Google analytics that the most viewed post was week two. This post was about privacy. This post also has the most comments. It contains 26 page views. The main reason for this being the most viewed is the fact that ten people had to read the post and leave feedback on it. Google Analytics also provides information that visitors spent 22 seconds on this post.

The common source of traffic was from and 105 page views came from; this is where most users would find this blog. The other referring sites come from blogs in my class to which my blog is linked too. There are no stats provided for the search words used to find my blog mainly because this blog is found through other blogs that it is linked too.Also, there is no data on search words for this blog. One there is not enough people visiting this blog and secondly, the only people visiting this site are fellow students in my class. There is no to search for this blog. 

It is shown by Google Analytics that Google Chrome was the most popular browser to the view the blog with.42.68% .The second most popular browser was Firefox with 33.12% and third was Internet explorer with 15.92% of the share. It also stated that users using Chrome and Firefox stayed on the blog for an average of around four minutes. Search for this blog. 

Unlike the browsers, there is little diversity when it comes to operating systems used to look at this blog. The most popular operating system was Windows with 94.27% of the second was Macintosh with 5.10% of the visits. This is not much of a surprise when the computers in the student labs we use are windows and very people in our course have Apple computers.

The ratio of new visits to returning visitors is 3:2.Where new visitors is 57,32% of the visits and returning visitors is 42.68% .I believe this accounts for the people in my class looking at my blog for feedback or curiousness. Whereas the users who don't return are bots or outside users of my course who accidently viewed by blog.

Other information, I would like to include is the language and the location of the visitors to my blog. The most popular language was English. This makes sense as the posts were written in English. Secondly the location of the users was Ireland which had 155 visits to the blog. There were also two visits from America; I account these visits as bots. From January to the end of April, this blog was visited 157 times with 666 page views .However; there were only 90 unique visitors. The average visit was 3 minutes long, with 4 pages being viewed on average by each user. This makes sense when feedback was given by reading through a couple posts.

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